Friday, March 27, 2009

ABP kembali lagi ... 2009

ABP 2008 kembali lagik .. kalau dulu fauziah latiff memakai rekaan sy .. tapi kali ni 2 orang akan memakai rekaan saya.. NANA ERA dan AYU OIAM ....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This silver cris - cros, Grecian inspired dress worn by the lovely Dynas Mokhtar was for Anugerah Skrin 2008. It was sprinkled with Swarovski diamonds against the bodice and skirt to fit the events theme that night "Diamonds".The dress was fully draped where no flat pattern was involved. During the fitting at Istana Budaya, where she was rehearsing for Impak Maksima The Musical, no alteration was needed! The actual garment slightly differs from the sketch to fit both our taste.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My outfits appeared on BiPop (Berita Harian's weekly entertainment paper)
about 3 uprising Pan Asian stars. This was my first time working with both Julia Ziegler and Diana Danielle.
The purple satin Origami style outfit worn by Julia was designed and made in conjunction with Rafflesia's Secretaries Week 2008 as my display outfit for the event. Soon, to my surprise it became a hit among reporters which then landed itself on the cover of BiPop!
Diana's red mermaid cut dress with detachable corset was fitted the night before the shoot. at around 11pm i drove to her house to do the fitting and thankfully she liked the design and the dress needed no alterations.

all designer 4 rafflesia`s secretaries week..

Zahnita 4 triumph inspiration award at pavilion

waktu dapat tahu buat utk zahnita takutt jugakk .. tapi biler dah jumper baru tahu saper zahnita yang sebenarnyer .. very open!! .. n senang berkeje dengan dier!! discuss design kat bangsar village! n seminggu pastu fittg kat rich salon depan bangsar village ( thank u FARINA ) ... patutnyerr baju ni panjang dier sampai ke lutut ... tapi ntahh ngaper boleh jadi atas paha !! ... haha .. sajer jer nak wat zani seksi ... thank zani ...

hasilnyerr .... lainn dari design no 4 .. last minit waktu nak letak kipass tu .. rasa cantik letak sebelahh jer ... hahaha ... tapi julia suka jer ... thank u julia ...

design ni utk julia ziegler ke EH! style award kat the garden mid valley .. julia pilih design no 4 ... tapi ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This particular outfit worn by Aleeza Kassim was designed especially for her for Rafflesia's Secretaries Week 2008 back in April.
Interestingly, I was only able to do the fitting with her 24hrs before the event as she was out of town; in a public restroom in Bangsar Village. Luckily, the dress turned out great and fitted her well!
This mermaid cut dress is a combination of satin and jacquard with pleats against the right cup while the white corset was detailed with satin straps posing as an obie belt.

fauziah latiff ... rekaan faizell azraff ... utk anugerah bintang popular ..

fauziah latiff utk anugerah bintang popular 2008
My 1st design utk anugerah bintang popular 2008 , artis fauziah latiff, detik permulaan bagi aku utk berhenti keje dan mulakan angan2 menjadi kenyataan .. thank u khairi sufi n bill bora ..... muahhh ....